Skirt Skater Blue Shoes 41+ Ideas

Skirt Skater Blue Shoes 41+ Ideas

Skirt Skater Blue Shoes 41+ Ideas #skirt

Cover the basics. When picking out pieces, make sure you have solid pieces that you can wear in a variety of scenarios. You want a wardrobe that will take you from work to out to dinner without having too many pieces that are only for one type of occasion.[12]
For instance, a nice pair of pants that fits will can be made professional with a nice jacket and a blouse. For slightly dressier dinner, take off the jacket and add a scarf.
As another example, a knee length skirt in a solid color is appropriate for work with a solid color on top, but it could also work for brunch with friends if you add few accessories.
Pick one or two neutral colors for your workhorse pieces. When it comes to fashion, the basic neutral colors are black, navy blue, browns, grays, and tans. Because neutrals don’t tend to go well together in the same outfit, picking and sticking to one or two will help you create more outfits with less pieces.[13]
Buy versatile items like skirts, pants, belts, and coats in your chosen neutral(s).
White is also technically a neutral color, but it can be paired with other neutrals.
Shop with your current wardrobe in mind. Unless you’re buying complete outfits at the same time, never buy a piece unless you know what you’ll wear it with. Before buying an item, mentally create one or more outfits using it and pieces you already own.
Even though you love an item, it just may never fit into your wardrobe if it’s not your usual style, which means you won’t wear it.
Skipping this step can lead to a lot of unworn pieces that just sit in your closet.
Get rid of anything you don’t wear. The first step of building a wardrobe isn’t buying anything; it’s streamlining what you already have. Go through your closet and look for pieces you never wear. Eliminating these will make choosing good clothes much easier.[14]
You can sell your old clothes online, if you’re short on cash.
Another option is to give them to charity. You’ll even get a credit on your taxes for the donation, if you get a receipt. Some charities will pick up donations, so you don’t have to go anywhere.
Consider posting them on social media. Many times, your friends will want to claim items you don’t want..


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