Our house bed is ready! Building instructions for the cot of dreams finds I …

Unser Hausbett ist fertig! Bauanleitung für das Kinderbett der Träume findet I…

Our house bed is ready! Building instructions for the crib of dreams can be found in my blog. Instructions for Floor Bed with Emma mattress. Nursery ideas to build yourself.

Your child’s special needs
The parenting time in your schedule should be arranged so that your child can receive needed care and help for special medical, developmental, educational, emotional, or social needs.
Each parent’s capability to meet your child’s needs
For a child to stay with a parent, that parent must have a stable home environment for the child. If the parent does not have a stable home environment, the parents can consider having visits at the child’s home or in a different place.
The amount of care that each parent provided the child before the separation influences the parenting time. If both parents have been very involved then the child can spend significant time with both parents.
If a parent has not been very involved in taking care of the child before the separation but wants to be more involved, you can start with a custody schedule that gives short, frequent visits to the parent. As the parent becomes more confident and comfortable with the child you can increase the duration and number of visits.


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