Mushroom brown hair is trendy – and it's much prettier than it sounds …

Pilzbraunes Haar ist im Trend – und es ist viel hübscher, als es sich anhört- …

Mushroom brown hair is trendy – and it's a lot prettier than it sounds – Slim Babylights | This cool and earthy hue is surprisingly refreshing for spring and summer. When sunny and warm summer days are finally on the horizon, most southern ladies are ready to refresh their look with a new cut or a new color. While your first instinct is to tune the weather with warm tones like gold, honey, caramel and chestnut, we are

Know your hair type
More than anything, taking care of your hair starts by knowing which kind of hair you have. Most the advice in this guide applies to all hair types, but each has special needs we will cater to in each section.
In general terms, there are 4 types of hair: straight, wavy, curly, and kinky. Each kind of hair is more or less prone to damage. The more prone your hair type is, the more careful you should be with your hair care routine.
Straight hair: the least prone to damage. It is the most resilient of them all, but tends to be rather oily. If you have this kind of hair, avoid applying oil to your hair. Focus on shampoos targeting ”normal” hair.
Wavy hair: tends to become fizzy, which makes it hard to stylize. If you have wavy hair, embrace the natural curls your hair makes.
Curly hair: it is very prone to damage and to that annoying split ends, and is generally voluminous.
Kinky hair: it is extremely frizzy, voluminous, and the most prone to damage of all hair types.
The basics to retain from this section is that all hair types that are not straight demand more care.


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